7 Common Web Design Mistakes


7 Common Web Design Mistakes

There are a few frequent website creation errors which actually even the finest Phoenix web
design firms are making. Best native advertising examples is significant that you really
recognize because the internet is very competitive that even smallest error could cost you a lot
of potential clients.
When you're fighting for customers on the internet you will want your internet site to be perfect
because it's difficult to get targeted traffic to your internet site. Once you do get targeted traffic
to your internet site that traffic really should convert.
There are actually certain errors which are so frequent simply because many individuals don't
consider them errors. As a Phoenix web design company we're going to explain to you exactly
what these kinds of errors are so that you can identify all of them on your own internet site.
PDF – Some individuals create web design pages so that they are in PDF format. This is simply
not something which an expert Phoenix web Design Firm is going to do but none the less it is
actually a problem which we tend to be witnessing.
Simply by generating PDF web pages it takes away written content from your webpage and also
winds up damaging your search engine optimization marketing campaign as well.
Same Color Links – Any time an individual clicks on a hyperlink on your internet site the
hyperlink will need to change another color than it had been before. This may get confusing for
an individual particularly when these people keep winding up on web pages which they
previously visited.

Flash – This is usually a significant error. Flash is a thing of the past. Granted Flash does indeed
continue to have a reason however; if you actually construct your whole internet site in Flash
you will be making a huge mistake. Search engines like Google can't read a flash internet site
which means that your company is probably not actually part of the search engines.
Java Script Links – Java script is often user-friendly having said that much like with developing
your internet site within flash it's going to kill you on the search engines.
Dynamic URL – A dynamic URL is a URL which is typically system produced URL's and they are
generally not enhanced for Search engine optimization. They often times have symbols and
numbers inside the URL where as a static URL is exactly what you should use. One example is
exactly how HireAWiz an experienced Phoenix web design makes use of their hyperlinks such
That Look Like Ads – No one wants to visit an internet site which is similar to a salesperson on
an internet site. Individuals visit internet site trying to find items to purchase also for information
and facts. Don't develop web pages that seem to be an ad in a magazine or something like that.
You'd be amazed as a Phoenix web design firm the amount of internet sites we come across
with these internet pages.
Cross Browser Compatibility – We're currently in a period of time where Internet Explorer no
longer possesses a strong hold on Web browser. Since Firefox as well as Google Chrome have
emerged on the scene internet sites now have to support just about all web browsers.
These are a few frequent errors which as a Phoenix web design company we recognize some
websites making. Regardless of whether it is because that they have hired an inexperienced
web design company or simply because they haven't updated their internet site lately it doesn't
make a difference the simple fact of the matter is that they must have a new website.
A business such as HireAWiz should be able to help correct these problems as well as assist
your company to grow to the next level. Get in touch with them now and discover the things they
are able to do for you.
Designing Websites With Sales In Mind
One of the very first decisions we make as internet marketers involves the critical choices in
designing websites. We each have differing opinions and viewpoints of just what our site should
look like. More often than not, these decisions are based on personal opinions or selections
limited to the templates of the respective applications utilized for building the site.

But there has to be more to this than personal preference – with no real basis for the logic and
methodology tha should go into making the decisions!
What about this logic —beyond the appearance – lets also look at the "sales" potential of one
design versus another. Think about it, why do some websites sell better than anothers? Do you
need a marketing degree to create a website? Does design have much impact on sales?
You may not realize this but many of the successful internet marketing businesses already
figured out that design, or layout of the website should be as much of a marketing decision as
the ad copy. Why is that?
Web designers (and individuals with software apps) can do some amazing things with graphics
and colors. You will also have a much more professional looking site when an expert applies his
or her handiwork. However, it is critically important to understand some of the key elements that
smart marketers make certain appear (or NOT appear) on highly profitable sites.
After all, having a "pretty" site does you no good if you are not getting traffic or revenue from
sales. Being aware of these will enable you (or your selected designer) to keep in mind this
balance between marketing and design. The three key elements are color, graphics, and layout.
COLOR: Designs with a dramatic color can make compelling choices for setting a mood. But
reading on a computer screen demands as much contrast as possible, otherwise the reader will
develop vision fatigue.
You do not want to irritate or tire your visitors in any way or they may leave, so be certain that
the main body of your website copy is black writing on a white background – or as close to that
ideal as possible.
Colors also change appearance on different monitors, so what looks cool and calm on one
monitor may be bright and glaring on another. Simple works.
GRAPHICS: Striking, bold graphics can be a real eye-catcher for visitors. Still, successful
internet marketers are pretty much unanimous in stating that you should avoid flash graphics as
much as possible. Again, they tend to tire visitors eyes or create a distraction from the written
copy. Even if they are initially impressed by the work it may subconsciously annoy them.
Simplicity is again the best way to go.
LAYOUT: The first 'fold' of your site is similar to opening a tractional paper letter. If you remove
a letter from an envelope that is folded in three, you will obviously view the top 'fold' first.

This fold is what individuals will see without scrolling down the page. It is CRUCIAL that
important elements like descriptive headlines, your contact number, newsletter subscription
form etc. all show in the first fold. Do NOT place banners here unless they are the main element
of your business as you will be giving prime space to other websites and your customer (which
you fought hard to get in the first place) will be gone just as quickly.
These are just some of the important elements you should be aware of when designing your
site. This "balance" will greatly increase your sales potential – once you incorporate this into
your design criteria. With both design and "sales-ability" used as the foundation for the website
in the initial design phases you will reap the financial benefits for years and years.

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