Can Canada PR help you in living a better life?

Can Canada PR help you in living a better life?


This kind of visa is a brilliant opportunity for those who want to have an amazing change in their lives. The immigration Canada permanent resident visa is an opportunity which allows a stay of 5 years in Canada after which it needs renewal. These days, so many people aspire for becoming a Canada PR holder. This kind of PR provides you with the opportunity of making your life easier. Its because the government of Canada takes care of a lot of your problems. Since Canada has a dearth of labor here, it’s easier to get immigration Canada permanent resident here if you have experience. So, you can even work as a ‘Support Assistant” and expect to get paid for it. There is a payment of 27.38 CAD per hour for this kind of work. So, that’s why Canada has been getting immigration.

Apart from good salary scales, Medicare is also another service provided by the government here. This service consists of making sure that the candidates don’t have problems paying their medical bills. Since everyone gets the payments for such Medicare deducted from salaries, the government reimburses the bills. The Canadian government also provides you with unemployment benefits once you have lost your job.

Maternity benefits are also given to those mothers who have quit jobs because they underwent childbirth. So, the Canadian government is ready to take care of you. Any female who is expecting can opt to take such benefits starting 3 months before the due date. They can also be given till 4 months after the delivery happens. The females can expect to get about 55% of the earnings made in a week through such maternity benefits. The Canadian parents can also expect to get parenting benefits after the child is born. Such benefits are given because such parents are unable to do jobs because of taking care of the child. So, one year after the childbirth, the parents can get such benefits for 35 weeks. Even if the child is given up for adoption, the parents are still likely to get these benefits. Sickness benefits are given to those who have not been well and need to stay away from other people(quarantine) due to sickness. The candidates should, however, know that such benefits can be claimed after 15 weeks.

Express entry, a Canada resident visa can be given to those who have 445 points.

These points are given when you have age and good education. So, you should immigrate to this country as soon as possible.

The right age for immigration Canada resident visa starts from 20 and lasts till 29 years. Till 31 years of age,  bright chances exist for Canada immigration. Education is also important for immigrating to Canada. The candidates can also get points for a bachelors degree which are equivalent to 120 points. They can, however, get more points for a master’s degree which are equivalent to 135 points. Therefore, a candidate has excellent chances of being in Canada, when he has such excellent credentials and young age supporting him.
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