Canada does a new Express Entry draw for the federal skilled trades stream! 500 invitations sent

Canada does a new Express Entry draw for the federal skilled trades stream! 500 invitations sent

 In Canada a new draw has been done with regards to the Federal Skilled Trades stream. This stream is applicable for the Canada Express Entry. The new draw which happened on September 24th has given pretty astounding results. This draw was the draw done as per the Express Entry system put forth in 2015  . This draw has selected 400 candidates for coming to Canada. These candidates picked up in this draw only have an Express Entry score of 284. Canada has with this draw increased the total number of invitations to 62,500 in 2018 alone. Selecting so many candidates is a positive indication from the government of Canada that its still supporting immigration to this land. This is unlike its neighbor US which has completely controlled immigration. The last draw in this category happened on May 30th. In this draw , 288 was the score used for selection . However, 700 candidates were invited in this draw as compared to the current draw.

Eligibility needs for this stream

The Federal Skilled Trades stream of Canada PR only desires those candidates who have 24 months of experience earned specifically in the past 5 years. Apart from this work experience, the candidate should also be eligible to work for this trade in Canada. The eligibility criteria are important because without them you can’t work in Canada. To get selected as per this stream, one should have a certificate of qualification provided to him through a provincial authority of Canada. Every province has implemented its own rules and regulations for this kind of certificate of qualification. If the candidate has no certificate of qualification, he has to have a job offer from a province in this country. So, there are many lucky candidates which get selected in the Federal Skilled Trades stream. This stream selects many candidates who have experience, certificate of qualification in any of the profiles which are a part of the NOC code C section of occupations. These occupations apply to workers like butchers, waiters, and drivers.

There are many occupations which are a part of NOC code C level of occupations. In fact, the English level requirements are also simple for this stream. These requirements include CLB 4 scores for the reading and writing sections and CLB 5 in the listening and speaking sections in the IELTS exam. However, there are some profiles in this stream in which a candidate is needed to have Canadian experience besides home country experience. This level of experience is needed in occupations pertaining to NOC code B. These occupations contain occupations like “cooks and chefs” and “butchers and bakers”. A candidate may or may not be a secondary school pass-out to get selected as per the Federal Skilled Trades stream. You can get to know all about the needs for immigration to this stream through a visa consultant.

This program selects candidates for immigration to every province in Canada except Quebec. So, if you want to be there, an application is needed separately and an Express Entry application is not valid.

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