Pad Printing Process

Pad Printing Process


The cushion printing process has experienced a quick advancement in the previous 40 years and is currently one of the most critical printing forms.

The utilization of silicone elastic was instrumental in bringing about its prosperity as a print medium (cushion) since it permits simple misshaping, it is ink repellent and subsequently guarantees a fantastic ink exchange.

Cushion printing empowers imprinting on uneven surfaces. The printed pictures shift from basic markings to colorful photograph prints.

The cushion printing process is adaptable and flexible. To meet the requests of the market cushion printing constantly adapts to present circumstances.

What began as a strategy to print basic imprints and engravings currently goes past to the imaginative beautification prints. The scope of cushion printing begins with utilitarian markings, for example, on estimating mugs or on switch catches, and has been enhanced in the previous years by an essential factor: the item should look since today look and configuration are critical variables that add to the business achievement.

Starting points of cushion printing

The innovator of the cushion printing procedure will in all likelihood

remain a riddle. The underlying foundations of the cushion printing process

lie in the watch-and artistic industry.

The immediate ancestor to cushion printing is the Decalcier

Process, which was utilized in the Swiss watch industry. In

that procedure a gelatine cushion was utilized to exchange the ink

onto watch faces.

What is cushion printing?

Cushion printing is a circuitous photogravure process. Miseries

are carved into a level plate. These dejections are

loaded up with ink and a smooth silicone cushion (silicone is ink

repellent) is utilized to get some ink on the plate and

exchanges it to the question. This stamp is called cushion and

gave this printing procedure its name.

The upsides of cushion printing

On account of the adaptable substance of the silicone the cushion

can adjust to the question amid the ink exchange. This empowers

printing on level, as well as on uneven surfaces.

Indeed, even surfaces with structures or decorating can be printed

with cushion printing.

The utilization of tallness compensators permits printing at various

statures in just a single printing process.

Qualification between cushion printing and other

strategies for printing

Each printing strategy, for example, cushion printing, computerized printing,

screen printing and hot stepping has its geniuses and

cons that characterize in the event that it is appropriate or not for a particular application.

  • The printing strategies may contend in certain
  • regions, however as a rule the points of interest supplement each Pad Printing                                           other and offer the client the perfect answer for each application.
  • The extraordinary splendor of gold-and silverfoils can not be      accomplished in some other route than with hot stepping, yet consequently screen printing offers ink inclusion crosswise over vast  territories. Cushion printing has its quality in printing uneven surfaces in addition to other things

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