Today’s treatment of women contradict our Islamic teachings

Today’s treatment of women contradict our Islamic teachings

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) became considered the finest embodiment of the concepts laid out by way of Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran, and he set the greatest example for his followers. Consequently, the satisfactory way to realize how Islam empowers women is by using gazing the behaviour of our loved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the direction of ladies. Let us start with a hypothetical query for all of the men: suppose you are for your 20s and also you obtained an offer of marriage from a widowed woman who is extra than 10 years older than you, and who coincidentally additionally occurs to be your organization. With …

Don’t Be a Muslim Troll
No person likes trolls, be they Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. Don’t be a troll. You’re going to run into folks that disagree with you. It’s miles inevitable. Just accept it.

Whilst a person blasts your publish or trashes your beliefs, you have got three options:

You can load up your verbal arsenal and come at them with uninhibited fury.
You can forget about them and delete their remarks.
You could interact with them in well mannered, intelligent discourse, respond to their criticism, however, restrict the quantity of their abuse.
If someone has a genuine confrontation, it might be first-class to contain them inside the verbal exchange. There are three advantages to this:

They are probably right and also you might be incorrect. It’s viable you could want a few corrections.
Your audience will advantage from seeing a specific side of the story. And then they’ll need to chime in with their evaluations.
All of this activity is outstanding for search engine optimization. The more comments you’ve got, the extra love Google will display your weblog.
Five. Be chronic
This occurs to bloggers, Muslim or otherwise:

You’re blogging on an ordinary basis.

You’re responding to remarks.

You’re doing all the seo and advertising tricks available.

But most effective six people are journeying your blog every day and of them are your dad and mom.

It is probably time to re-examine your strategy. Maybe you want to pick out a one of a kind blog topic. Or maybe you need to think again the way you’re tackling your selected topic. But don’t surrender. In case you experience running a blog, and that is something you need to do on a regular basis, I encourage you to be chronic.

You should make an honest evaluation of your goals and wherein you’re thus far. See if there are a few adjustments you could make.

Check your analytics software program to peer which topics attracted the majority.
Leverage fb and Twitter to reach a wider target market.
Don’t be afraid to pay for advertising recommendation. You can get this here for free Islam.
The point is, don’t give up on your blogging desires. Anything profitable goes to take persistence, endurance, ability, and time. Compare your intentions, your content, and its advantage.

If you leaf through those five recommendations, you’ll see that they may be applied to many different components of your lifestyles. Take some time to peer which one you need to work on the most and how you can use them to lead a more efficient life-style insha’Allah.

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